Florida Keys Captains can’t wait for April as it ushers in ‘tailing’ season where migrating sailfish will rise to the surface and ‘surf’ down the waves as they head westward exposing their tail fin at times hence where the term ‘tailing’ comes from. When the gulf stream comes in close to the edge of the reef and easterly winds kick up, it is then Tailing conditions. Targeting sailfish in these conditions is mostly done by driving around in the lighter colored water created by current and wind looking for fish swimming on the surface, then casting live baits to them. This can be incredibly productive and can result in many double digit releases for a day of sailfish charter fishing in the Florida Keys this time of year. The action heated for a couple days this week. The gulfstream then moved further offshore,  slowing the action. We are hoping the current moves back in and we can get back into some exciting sight fishing. This week is set up with perfect wind conditions with NE winds expected in 15-20 knot range. All we need is easterly current and it could bust loose. Keep an eye on upcoming reports, it could be epic!!