Sailfish season in the Florida Keys is just around the corner, as a lot of fish start showing up along the reef edge to feed on the schools of ballyhoo that have formed over the patch reefs during the summer months. Targeting sails turns from offshore trolling to live baiting along the reef edge from 200′ up to as shallow as 20′ of water as fish move on and off the reef to feed. Look for dipping frigate birds and ” showering” schools of ballyhoo and have your live ballyhoo ready to pitch! Live pilchards, goggle eyes and cigar minnows are also good baits to target sailfish with a live bait spread either bump trolling or kite fishing. To get in on some of this great action including Mahi, tuna, wahoo and other blue water species, give is a call at 305-699-8485. Good luck in all of your fishing adventures! 🐟😎