The recent cool front that hit south Florida and the entire southeastern USA definitely caused some cooling of the surrounding waters. The drop in water temperature pushes the warm water species more south this time of year causing a heating up of action for certain species. The main migratory fish that show up in better numbers in the winter are King and Spanish Mackerel, Sailfish, Cobia, Pompano and some others. The more drastic difference in water temperatures that is created by the warm water gulfstream current meeting up with the cooler shallower water surrounding the islands presents good target areas and opportunities for Sailish, Blackfin Tuna and Kingfish where there are current edges with temperature breaks. Keeping a close eye on the approximate edge of the gulfstream can enhance your ability to find good action this time of year. Mahi tend to stay on the warm side of the stream, and sailfish like to hug the edge of it, where there could also be water color changes. Finding the current and temperature changes ahead of time before your trip can save time and fuel. There are web sites and on board electronics that will give you this data either by paying for or finding free sites on your own. One free site I use is on Rutgers university site under sea surface temperatures which works off satellite data. If you want to get in on a trophy trip for Atlantic pelagic species, give me a call at 305-699-8485. Good luck in all your fishing adventures!